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FHA Financing

With your new mortgage you can:
  • Consolidate your debt into one easy payment.
  • Get out of an adjustable rate and into a low fixed rate loan.
  • Payoff a high interest rate sub-prime 1st and/or 2nd mortgage (combo).
  • Payoff a prime rate attached adjustable home equity loan.
  • Pay off your mortgage early and save BIG on your overall monthly payments and interest.
  • Establish a college fund or contribute to your retirement plan.
  • Get rid of an impending balloon payment or prepayment penalty on your current loan.
  • Consider home improvements! Add that kitchen, garage, bedroom etc.
  • Pay off those tax liens and get the government off your back.


If You Can Afford To Rent – You Can Afford To Buy!

Think of all of the advantages of owning your own home:

  • Fire your landlord! – When you own it’s your home, not a house!
  • Build equity – you’ll now build equity with every payment!
  • Market Value Increases – Studies have shown that over the long run, the best investment is your own home. While you are at work, so is your home-appreciating in value.
  • Pride of ownership – Homeowners live better, maintain their homes better, and are active in their community, not to mention that kids are happy playing in their own backyard!
  • Peace of mind. We all need to feel rooted
  • Tax deductions – Let the government “chip in” with you to own your home!
Always consult your tax adviser.

Trade Up, Or Purchase That Dream Vacation Home!

Contour Mortgage is here to help you buy more home than you already have. Whether your family is getting bigger and you need the extra room, or you are looking at a house to get away from it all, our programs are tailored to your needs.


Fixed Rate Loans Offer Stability

They are best if you want a reliable payment over a very long period of time with no surprises. The peace of mind of a fixed-rate loan will offset the slightly higher payment over the long term. When rates are very low, refinance into a fixed-rate loan to lower your monthly payment or convert the uncertainty of an Adjustable Rate to a reliable fixed-rate.
But don’t be fooled if you locked in a low fixed-rate first mortgage already. If you have a large Home Equity Loan or high interest credit cards that are not fixed, they are already going higher and refinancing them all into a fixed-rate loan will save you thousands in the long term.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage May Be Just What You Need!

Most ARM products offer a low introductory rate that is fixed from 1 to 10 years and then the remaining life of the loan adjusts either annually or every six months. Our ARM programs come with a lifetime cap on the rate. This means that your rate will never go higher than a certain amount even if the rates skyrocket. There is a ceiling on how much you can possibly pay.

  • Plan to stay in the home for less than 5 to 7 years.
  • Are in a high interest rate environment because the rate goes down when rates fall over the years.